​Respect – To Earn or Not to Earn

I see entirely too many times people saying, “I don’t need to give you any respect.  Respect is something that is earned.”  I just cannot agree with this common philosophy.  Call me old school, but last I heard words can have more then one definition.  Some pick and choose what portion of the definition they … Continue reading ​Respect – To Earn or Not to Earn


Blog Block

I spent a year or more with hundreds of ideas on multiple topics flying around in my mind like UFOs on crack. This gave me the brilliant idea of starting a blog. I couldn’t seem to get these ideas out of my mind and I figured if I wrote them down their grasp on my fragile gray matter would lessen and I would be able to move on to other things. Some are craft ideas or recipes that I have came up with, and then there are the ideas that are political in nature....