Blog Block

I spent a year or more with hundreds of ideas on multiple topics flying around in my mind like UFOs on crack.  This gave me the brilliant idea of starting a blog.  I couldn’t seem to get these ideas out of my mind and I figured if I wrote them down their grasp on my fragile gray matter would lessen and I would be able to move on to other things.  Some are craft ideas or recipes that I have came up with, and then there are the ideas that are political in nature.

Because of the multiple ideas I really struggled with the name of my blog.  I wanted to give tribute to the menopause that I am currently graced with feeling some of the symptoms of, and I didn’t want to limit what I could write about, thus “The Blathering Woman – Musings of a Menopausal Mind” was born.  It took multiple gab sessions, some serious Google searches and one final Google search that showed me how to brainstorm some ideas.

With the name picked out, an email was created and blog host possibilities were researched.  Once I made up my mind, I pulled the trigger so fast and went live with my new blog.  As a result I am now struggling with what to write about, thus the “blog block” of my first blog.

I have spent months thinking about topics and not really focusing on what I wanted to say in my first post, I just knew that this first one was going to be the most important one because it would set the tone of all the others.  I have built up the importance of my first post that all of my ideas have gone into hiding just like Punxsutawney Phil did after seeing his shadow on Groundhog’s Day.  Wonderful, six more weeks of winter and a brain fog so thick that I am putting a new definition to blathering.

I know this first blog post is only as important as I make it.  My blog is not set in stone and it can grow and change as I grow and change as a writer and woman.  Some post will be light and fluffy and some may cause grief or even anger.  My blog isn’t necessarily for you, but is for me.  It is my outlet for my ideas, thoughts and emotions.  If I can help, encourage or teach on the way, GREAT!!!

Know that I cannot and will not be able to please everyone and I have no intention of ever trying to.  That would just drive me bat s*** crazy.  I am here to please myself and that is all.  Any thing else is just gravy over turkey and mashed potatoes.  If what you read strikes a cord feel free to like or comment.  That is how people can grow as individuals, through positive communication.  I just ask one thing…I believe in the old adage “If you don’t have something nice to say, keep your trap shut!”  You don’t have to agree with me but be respectful in your comments, that is all I ask.

This blog is supposed to be fun for me and hopefully it will be enjoyable and occasionally thought provoking for you.  We all need to keep in mind that what I write about is my opinion and that I am entitled to them just like you are entitled to yours.  We can share, but must share with respect.

On that note, “Here is to my first blog post.”  I blathered through most of it, hence the name.  Be prepared for more blathering.  Hope to see you again!



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