​Respect – To Earn or Not to Earn

    1. I see entirely too many times people saying, “I don’t need to give you any respect.  Respect is something that is earned.”  I just cannot agree with this common philosophy.  Call me old school, but last I heard words can have more then one definition.  Some pick and choose what portion of the definition they want to agree with and not the definition as a whole.
      If we only look at the first part of the definition of the word respect, I can understand why many people have that type of attitude.  To have “feelings of deep admiration for someone” is something to be earned and not just given out willy nilly to every Tom, Dick or Harry. 

      I think we can all agree that “feeling of deep admiration” is something earned, however, that is only looking at the surface of the definition of respect.  Looking deeper we find the additional definition of “due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.”  I think that is the type of respect that all people are entitled to until one shows that they no longer deserve that respect.

      Me showing you respect does NOT mean I hold you in high regard.  For all I know you haven’t done anything with your life and are nothing but a bum and an internet troll.  But when I am dealing with you, I should, as a decent human, show you some “regard for the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions” that you may have.
      So I will say it again, I cannot get on board with someone who says respect is only earned.  We are all entitled to our rights and respect, however, those rights and respect can be lost.  Everyone has the right to their opinion.  Everyone has the right to free speech of their opinion.  Everyone has the right to protest for those opinions.

      Now here is where a major portion of those protestors and I will differ.  You are only entitled to those rights so long as you show respect to:  1. The environment around you and most importantly 2.  The people around you.  The liberals don’t want abortion protestors to make patients feel uncomfortable or feel threatened when going into a clinic.  So when you liberals are protesting things you believe in quit trashing innocent business owners’ property.  Quit physically attacking people that disagree with you.  Get your fat ass out of the road and quit blocking people from moving from point A to point B.

      I keep seeing people making memes of the inauguration of President Trump and the lack of people.  But what no one has mentioned is the fact that there were protestors literally blocking the entrances to the grounds of the inauguration.  These protestors made people feel uncomfortable and threatened when attempting to attend the inauguration.  There were those “protestors” that did physically attack property and people.  So with this in mind wouldn’t it make sense that not as many people would be in that picture on inauguration day?  Oh that’s right, we no longer use logic. 


               We have thrown logic and respect right out the window and it is wallowing in the cesspits of the local dump.  The bad part is once respect is gone, anarchy reign.  And when things become physical we need to quit slapping people on the wrist.  Take the protestors down the pegs they need to be taken down.  If they destroy property or physically attack someone, the Parker Brothers said it best, “Go to jail, go directly to jail.  Do NOT pass go, do NOT collect $200.”  

             As it stands right now, not only do the victims get violated by the protestors but again by the insurance companies when they refuse to pay out because it was caused during a “riot.”  The protesters should be forced to pay back the insurance companies for the payouts that are made on behalf of the victims.  If the insurance companies knew that they stood a chance of recouping their money, then maybe they would pay the victims without the fight that they put them through.  If the perpetrator falls behind on the payments to the insurance company without trying to make arrangements, back to jail they go, where they can work there and have their wages garnished.

      When people loose respect for others, those rights that they find in such high regard need to be taken away.  If I were to throw a rock through someone’s window, set fire to their building or attack a person, my ass would be thrown in the slammer so fast my head would spin.  I would also be force to pay restitution for my actions.  The same would happen if I was found standing in the middle of the road or the entrance to any business or building and refusing to move.  So I ask you, why is it suddenly okay to do these things in the name of protesting?  When we should be calling it truly what it is and that is rioting, which NO ONE has the right to.

      With the state of our Nation right now, this musing has been stuck on repeat for a while.  Thanks for listening.  Until next time. 



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