I am a menopausal, married woman from Southwest Idaho (that is Idaho which is over by Washington State and Oregon, not Iowa which is somewhere in the Midwest).  We are known for our potatoes and the Capital’s 2016 Christmas tree.  I have a smart a$$ attitude and have been known to have strong opinions, however, I don’t like confrontations so this is why the blog was born.  I need a place to express my opinions (I stress MY opinions) on topics that pop into my mind.  I will never know what I intend to write (again I am menopausal) or even how often (I do have a full time job).  I do not and will not reveal my identity (some may not be very supportive of this blog), just know that I love God, my family (including my 4 legged pooch), reading, cooking, camping and many other things and even though I am keeping my identity on the down low, everything posted to this blog is 100% me and my musings of a menopausal mind.  XOXO


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